• Warranty Policy

Warranty Policy

Warranty and Guarantee

The warranty period for bicycle is as follows. If the customer finds non-human damage within the warranty period, we will send the replacement parts free of charge.

After warranty period, the customer has to pay replacement parts and shipping fees. The bike which we sell are factory new regular products, all parts are the same as the original parts.

Warranty coverage


One of the following conditions does NOT qualify for warranty:

1:Failure caused by the user's failure to use,maintain and adjust according to the "Instruction Manual".


2:Users disassemble, repair and modify themselves, and failures caused by non-compliance with the rules of use.


3:Failure caused by improper use or storage by the user, or accident.


4:The cost of going to other repair shops for repairs without consent.


5:Slight scratches or damage to the outer package box caused by the logistics transportation of the accessories are not warranted.


6:Please contact us and obtain our written approval before sending any item back. Any products returned without acceptance will not be refunded.


How to apply for warranty

Step 1: Take a picture/short video of your question.


Step 2: Send a short description of the problem, pictures or videos of issue, order number, platform of purchase to support@drvetion.com.


Step 3: We'll diagnose your problem and if it's clear what's wrong, we'll provide a solution.


Step 4: When comes to issues that can’t be diagnosed in the first place, we will send you the troubleshooting files, it will needs you to detect according to our detection method and provide us with the corresponding videos or pictures, and we will give a solution after receiving the detection videos or pictures.


Step 5: We will verify your order information and delivery address, and reissue the corresponding accessories to you.

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